Top Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great for siblings sharing a room as not only to maximize space they add décor to their room as well. Twin over full bunk beds are those beds that feature a full size mattress space at the bottom bunk and a twin size mattress space for the top bunk. This is perfect is the room is being shared with siblings of different age groups. The elder or the bigger sibling can sleep in the lower bunk and the younger siblings can sleep in the top bunk.
Powell Monster Bedroom Twin/Full Bunk Bed – Powell furniture $382.68

This bed is made of heavy gauge powder coated on the bed’s tubular steel frame.It features textured chromes inserts and chrome lattice end panel inserts to add some style to the bed’s frame.


Coaster Tracey Twin over Full Metal Bunk Bed – Coaster Home Furnishing $192.18

This comes in a blue metal tubular frame which looks great in both young boys and girls rooms. It has an integrated ladder and full length guard rails on the top bunk for safety.


Coaster Denley Metal Bunk Bed – Coaster Home Furnishing $212.00

With its sleek bunks and tubular metal frame, this bed is sure to complement the décor of your room. Available in black, silver and white, this bed is suitable for boys and girls, making their rooms look fresh and comfortable.


Tritan Glossy White Twin over Full Children Bunk Bed – Acme Furniture $279.00
The bed features a thick metal tubular structure and glossy white finish. It also comes with guard rails, slats and integrated ladders for safety. It’s a great addition to a boy’s or girl’s room and saves a lot of place and makes it more stylish.

Youth Metal Twin/Full Bunk Bed Black/Silver Finish - Famous Brand furniture $427.10

This bed comes with a tubular frame and durable metallic powder coat finish. It comes with a contemporary sturdy design in both colors, black and silver to make a great addition to your room and décor.


Finley Home Duro Wesley Twin over Full Bunk Bed – BL Packaging $399.99

It features a durable tubular metal finishing with a modern black shade. It comes with an integrated ladder between both bunks for your child’s safety. The top bunk is fitted with guard rails for added safety. The robust structure ensures that the bed will not get flimsy when your children are trying to climb it. This bed is great for playful young children.

Bunk Bed – Twin / Full Size Bunk Bed in Red – Coaster Home Furnishing $239.28

With a playful bright red color frame, this bed is great for young boys and girls. It comes with incorporated ladders and full length guard rails for the safety of your children.

Modern 2″tube Twin/full Bunk Bed-Cross $259.00

Crafted with durable tubular metal with a black finish, this bed makes a great addition to your children’s room making it look more stylish and comfortable at the same time.


Metal study bunk single bed

Do you love fun, adventure and fascinating simplicity? Is your room a bit small and you need to safe on space? Then you are perfect person for this product. It can even be your kid whom you have known to posses these characters; you might have to purchase a study bunk single bed for them . The bed has been designed to allow for independent and concentration. The construction is in a way that, apart from the typical bunk bed we know, the lower part is not a bed, but comfy chair, a study chair and a small reading table.

Based on the setting of the study bunk single bed, it is best fitted for undergraduate and graduate student. It would be the perfect for university rooms, which are shared by students. The general geometry of the study bulk bed can vary, from that of the simple bunk beds to that of the triple sleeper bunk beds. Nevertheless, they come with an access ladder which makes it not only easy to climb to the bed, but also secure. The study bunk single bed is good when space is an issue. Moreover, it brings the feeling of elevation when you sleep, a feeling that is not only pleasuring, but also comforting.

The study bunk single bed can be bought from both local and online shops. The design was first introduced into the market in around July 2011 and since then; they have been doing fine and attracting customers in a big way. But when you purchase, you should note that, only the frame is shipped to you for online shops and for local stores, you only take with you the frame. This is despite having the study bunk single bed fitted with futon. The futon is not taken with the bed unless you indicate so. The price therefore, is only for the bed frame. Normally, the price for the study bunk single bed will vary but the average is $210.

When you purchase the product, it comes as parts and you have to assemble them. The package has a guide on how to assemble them but some have reported to have experienced challenges in assembling the product. The guide can also be tricky and confusing, but relax as some of the online shops like the Amazon, have free toll call lines that when stuck in the process, considering you had bought the study bunk single bed from them, they provide assistance.

Several variations of the study bunk single bed have been done up to date but one characteristic of them all, the bed remains on the top. They are mostly based on the desired use or better still, from the culture. Today we have eastern and western study bunk single bed designs. This bed therefore qualifies to be most useful in only two settings, in the universities, in dormitories and in scientific or work related settings like in the barracks, in the ships and in submarines. The benefit of having this design is that is brings forth independence and you are free to work whenever you want to even late into the night.

Triple sleeper bunk bed frame

Do you desire to acquire a bulk bed but you are wondering how your three kids will get to share it? Then relax and sit back as there are the triple sleeper bunk beds which are meant for such cares. Moreover, this could be the better option if you expect your kid to be hosting some sleepover once in a while. The bed is made in such a way as to allow for three persons to sleep on the bed at a go. Even though it can also be used by adults, it best fits kids based on the general geometry and the colors.

The triple sleeper bunk bed comes in several colors and there are several brand names for this bed, so you are guaranteed of one thing; that you will find one that fits your preferences. The bottom bed is slightly bigger than the upper one and it is the one that carries two persons while the upper carries a single person. This spacing also brings the advantage of having the ladder stick out on the lower end. Considering the bed is best for kids, the placement of the ladder in the gradual sloppy form makes it easy to access and also safe for use. The beds are also fitted with full length guardrails which are good for ensuring the kids are safe when asleep as the chances of rolling out of from the bed are zero.

The triple sleeper bunk beds come in several colors. Some are pink, some are black, some white and to make sure you have the best color, it is important to consult the users. Ask the kids who will be using the bed which color they prefer, this is also good as it makes the kids to own up the bed and even feel involved in making the family decisions which involve them. The geometry of the triple sleeper bed frame is height 1.65m, length 1.9m and width 1.4m. The bottom bed is 1.09m by 1.4m with the upper bed is 1.9m by 0.9m. The frame is metal made and you need to assemble it up for use as it comes in several parts. The assembling process is pretty easy but it requires at least two persons to work hand in hand.

With the model of the triple sleeper bunk bed, it is very easy to sit on the lower bed and for kids, it provides good space to sit and chat or for play. The bed is available in several shops and all you need is to just go through the various types in store and purchase. You can purchase from either local or online shops whichever is convenient for you. However, you should note that, even through the displays are shown with mattresses and bedding, the price is normally for the bed frame along and that is what you take with you or is shipped to you, unless otherwise indicated. The price of the triple sleeper bunk bed will vary but the average is $100.


Walker Edison twin over twin bunk bed

Have you been looking for a bunk bed to buy? Then the Walker Edison twin over twin bunk bed is just what you might want. This product is simply elegant, it comes in black or white color and just as the name suggest; it is a twin over. This is because the bottom bunk is similar to the top one. The walker Edison twin bunk bed is made up of steel metal frames with unleaded powder finishing. This gives it the beauty and smooth look that will make your lounge room or bedroom just magnificent.

The walker Edison twin bulk bed is constructed with an appeasing and clean geometry that make it appear classic and to detail. It is fitted with full length guardrails which make it very convenient for children or sleepwalkers. Moreover, it is fitted with a ladder that ensures the one using the upper bed does not have problems climbing up or down. The bed has been designed to allow for one to sit on the bottom deck comfortably without inconveniences from the upper one. However, to effectively achieve this, for the bottom deck you should only place a nine inches mattress.

So, where can you get these? The walker Edison twin bulk bed is available in both local and online shops. The advantage of the local shops is that you get to personally inspect it before you buy it; therefore you have the opportunity to buy only what you prefer. For the online shops, the beds are displayed on the site as images, it is however worth noting that; when purchasing the bed the mattress is not included unless you indicate the desire to purchase it too. In the show or store room, they are displayed with a mattress inclusive, but the price will only cover the bed.

The walker Edison twin bulk bed is preferred by parent for their kids. The main reason for this being the guardrails that ensure the kid is safe when asleep. Kids also love it as it is fun and with the magnificent look, it is just great in their rooms. With the standard appearance of the walker Edison twin bed, it is the likeliest choice for other uses like university cubes, lounges, dormitories and children homes. These are normally places where space is an issue so it needs to be conserved. For the lounges however, it is not for the commercial one, but home based ones better still known as guest rooms in the house.

Nevertheless, the walker Edison twin bulk bed has its short coming. The main one which has been reported by many users is the assembling instructions. The manufacturers of the bed provide an assembling guide, but guess what, it does not work and it is inconveniencing to follow. If you follow it, you will never have your bed ready. However, some of the online shops like the Amazon provide free toll call line for assistance. They also provide assembling tools which are also something benefiting.

Top Metal Bunk Beds Under $250

Bunk beds аrе wonderful whеn уоu аrе in nееd оf sharing a small space with аnоthеr person, раrtiсulаrlу whеn it соmеѕ tо kids; bunk beds tеnd tо bе vеrу popular in mаnу homes. Making уоur children share a tiny room саn bе ԛuitе stressful, but оnсе уоu gеt оnе оf thеѕе bunk beds, аll уоur tension will bе tаkеn away. Nоt оnlу iѕ it excellent fоr kids whо wаnt thеir оwn bed, it аlѕо makes a small room big making thе area lооk mоrе comfortable tо share bеtwееn twо people. Whеn it соmеѕ tо metal beds, bоth mattresses dо nоt hаvе tо bе thе ѕаmе size рluѕ thеу аrе durable аnd соmе in mаnу designs аѕ well.

Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed $179.98

Thiѕ bеd iѕ great fоr rooms accommodated bу twо children аnd iѕ good fоr sleep overs too. It iѕ designed tо increase space аnd hаѕ full length guardrails оn thе upper bunk fоr safety. It iѕ аvаilаblе with a black metal finishing.


Walker Edison Twin over Twin Bunk Bed $199.88

Elegant, durable аnd comfortable, Walker Edison bunker beds аrе excellent fоr siblings whо wаnt thеir beds tо hаvе a littlе fun factor. Thе bed’s modern style аnd structure feature a tubular durable steel framing with аn incorporated ladder making it safer fоr уоur children аnd mоrе exciting whеn thеу wake uр in thе morning. Nоt оnlу this, thе bunker beds саn аlѕо bе split intо twо separate beds оnсе уоur children аrе rеаdу tо live in thеir оwn rooms оr juѕt wаnt ѕоmе оf thеir оwn personal space. Thе bеd iѕ аvаilаblе in a lead powder free black coat аnd саn hold twо standard twin mattresses.

Twin Size Bunk Bed in Silver Finish Metal - Acme Furniture $204.88

Thiѕ full metal twin bunk bеd features a tubular metal structure with a modern silver finish. It соmеѕ with аn integrated ladder аnd ѕidе rails fоr уоur safety. It iѕ a twin оn twin mattress bunk аnd increases space аnd adds style tо уоur room.

Silver Screen Twin over Full Bunk Bed - Ameriwood$229.09

Thiѕ iѕ great fоr sleepovers аnd siblings sharing оnе room. With itѕ strong metal frame аnd powder coated black аnd silver finish, thiѕ bеd makes уоur room lооk stylish аnd comfortable. It соmеѕ with аnd integrated ladder аnd thе top bunk саn hold a standard twin mattress аnd thе lower bunk саn hold full size mattress.


Bunk Bed – Twin / Twin Size Bunk Bed in Black – Coaster Home Furnishing $244.78

Thiѕ will make a lovely addition tо уоur children’s room. Nоt оnlу dоеѕ it maximize space, it makes thе room lооk mоrе stylish too. With a tubular metal frame with ѕidе guards fоr уоur child’s safety, thiѕ iѕ excellent fоr children with space problems in thеir room. Thiѕ аlѕо соmеѕ with аn integrated ladder tо add safety. It iѕ аvаilаblе in twin оvеr twin standard mattresses аnd twin оvеr full mattresses.

Walker Edison Twin over Full Bunk Bed $249.00

Thiѕ works bеѕt in kids’ rooms аѕ wеll аѕ guest rooms. It’s made оf durable steel framing with a lead free powder finish. It iѕ аvаilаblе in black аnd white аѕ wеll thuѕ making it suitable fоr bоth genders. White uѕuаllу lооkѕ good in a girls’ room аnd boys uѕuаllу prefer thе mоrе ‘manly’ black bunks. It соmеѕ with twо integrated ladders аnd iѕ hеnсе safe fоr уоur children. Thе bunk beds hold mattresses оf diffеrеnt sizes. Thе lower оnе саn hold a standard full mattress аnd thе top bunk holds a standard twin.

Metal Bunk Beds Buying Guide

Unlike other pieces of furniture, metal bunk beds come with a safety concern. You must consider your child’s safety first and then think about other necessities required for the child’s bed which include style, company, color etc.

Step 1. Measure the bed space

Before you start bunk bed hunting, you must measure the amount of space required to place a bunk bed. You can use a simple measuringtape, pick the best area, and measure the sides of the area to fit the bed in that particular space. Remember to measure the space between the floor and the ceiling too and drop the height a few inches lower in order to fit the bunk bed easily and to ensure that your child’s head does not bump the ceiling. Even though bunk beds are used to maximize space in small rooms, there are some bunk beds that require the same space as a full size bed. This is usually so when the bed comes with drawers in the lower bunk or in L shaped beds where the lower bunk holds a full size mattress and the upper bunk holds a twin size mattress.

Step 2. Determine the type of bunk suitable for your child’s age and gender

There are many different styles and colors for metal bunks. There are L shaped bunk beds and twin on twin bunk beds. If you have children with a huge age difference and size difference then L shaped bunks are preferred. This gives the elder sibling some extra room to comfortably fit himself in and the upper bunk holds a twin size mattress which is best for younger siblings. If siblings do not differ much in age or size, then twin on twin mattresses will be just fine for them. There are also some bunk beds that can be disassembled into two separate beds, so if your children want some personal space or if they are going to shift to two separate rooms later, then this type of bed is suitable for them.

Metal bunk beds are also available in different colors so you can pick the one that best complements your décor and also your kids’ age and gender.Coaster Modern Metal Bunk Beds are pretty common these days.

Step 3. Decide on what features your children will need

There are many features offered by metal bunk beds. Some exhibit sturdy metal features while others just look elegant and stylish. Some beds come with slides and futons or pull out beds and are best for children who have frequent sleepovers. There are many that come with tents as well, making the bed look more exciting for your children. Metal bunk beds also come with drawers and other add-ons. Perhaps it is best to consult your children first about what they want or take them with you to the furniture store to allow them to pick the best metal bunk beds.

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Step 4. Consider safety

You have to make sure the bed is safe for your children. Buy metal bunk beds that come with integrated ladders so that your child can climb up and down easily without falling. Also make sure the top bunk has guard rails surrounding it so that your child does not fall while sleeping. You must also check the metal and thebed’s frame and structure to check the metals durability and strength. A bed should not be too light or weak. It should be sturdy and have a proper structure so that it does now wobble or shake while children are climbing it.

A Coaster Modern Metal Bunk Bed can certainly be a perfect choice, which meets all the requirements mentioned above.

Twin Premium Metal Loft Bed ~ Black ~ College Dorm

Twin Premium Metal Loft Bed•Twin bed holds up to 250 lbs.
•Mattress support slats included, no box spring necessary
•Accommodates a variety of options below loft
•Ideal for space-saving needs
•Maximum recommended upper mattress thickness of 9 in.
•Stylish, contemporary design
•Sturdy, steel construction
•Attractive, black powder-coated finish
•Conforms to the latest consumer product safety standards
•Does NOT include mattresses or bedding
•Ships ready-to-assemble with necessary hardware and tools
•Assembly instructions included with toll-free number and online support
•Dimensions: 80″ W x 42″ D x 68″ H
•Built weight: 80 lbs.

Product Features

  • Twin Premium Metal Loft Bed ~ Black ~ College Dorm

Coaster Modern Contemporary Metal Bunk Bed, Silver, Twin

Modern Contemporary Silver Metal Twin Size Bunk Bed. Dimensions: 79″L x 42″W x 59 1/2″H. Finish: Silver. Material: Metal. This metal twin/twin bunk bed is finished in a beautiful silver finish. Bunk bed comes with support to hold the mattresses. Assembly is required.

Product Features

  • 79′L 42″W 59 1/2″H
  • Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.
  • Kids and Youth

Coaster Fine Furniture 2209 Metal Bunk Bed with Futon/Desk/Chair and CD Rack, Black Finish

This twin workstation loft bunk features full length guard rails for security and a convenient built-in ladder for easy access. The high gloss black metal frame presents a sleek casual appeal that will match any decor. Below the bunk bed is a corner desk, providing room for a work space or computer and a desk chair offering comfortable seating

Product Features

  • High gloss black metal frame
  • Corner desk, providing room for a work space or computer
  • Desk chair offering comfortable seating
  • Futon Pad is not included

Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed, Black

Elegance and function combine to give this contemporary bunk bed a striking appearance. The design gives a stylish modern look crafted with durable steel framing. Designed with safety in mind, the bed includes full length guardrails and a sturdy integrated ladder. Great for any space-saving design needs. Unlike other twin bunk beds, this bed also converts into 2 twin beds. Mattresses and bedding NOT included!

Product Features

  • Modern twin-over-twin bunk bed converts to two single beds
  • Tubular steel framing with lead-free powder-coated finish; available in black or white
  • Clean geometric design with integrated ladder and full-length guardrails
  • Assembly required with included tools; on-line support and toll-free help number provide extra assistance
  • Maximum recommended mattress thickness is 9 inches (mattress not included)

Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed, Silver

This bunk bed is a space saver for multi-child rooms and great for sleepovers. It features two twin beds placed one above the other.

Product Features

  • Silver Metal Finish
  • Designed to maximize space – accommodates 2 standard twin mattresses
  • Full length guardrails for upper bunk for added safety
  • mattresses sold separately
  • Some assembly required

Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed, Black

This space-saving twin over full bunk bed has a twin bed on the top with a full size bottom bunk bed. It is a great sleeping solution if one child is three to five years older than the other child or if one sibling needs more room. Simple, sleek, secure, stable and space-saving, DHP’s Dorel Twin-Over-Full Metal Bunk Bed meets all your needs and expectations. Easy to assemble, the bunk bed has been designed for the utmost safety, providing full-length guardrails and a ladder that attaches to the frame. Accommodating one full and one twin mattress, the black metal frame will last through years of rough play, whether hosting twins, friends, family or siblings. Item is Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed.

Product Features

  • Black Metal Finish
  • Designed to maximize space – accommodates 1 standard twin and 1 standard full mattress
  • Full length guardrails for upper bunk for added safety
  • mattresses sold separately
  • Some assembly required